Monica Greeff

Monica Greeff

Office Manager/Pirate Commander

Monica grew up in the heart of Damaraland and spent most of her free time on her grandfather’s farm on the outskirts of Kamanjab, which is where her love of the outdoors began.

At the end of 2002, fresh out of school, Monica started working at a privately owned lodge on the western border of Etosha. This is where the travel bug bit hard, and what was supposed to be a temporary summer job turned into a career.

In 2007 she joined Wilderness Safaris and worked at some of the most exclusive lodges in the country, from the Zambezi region to the isolated Skeleton Coast. Whilst working here she had the opportunity to get involved in some amazing Namibian conservation projects, including the Desert Lion Trust.

After spending some time in Swakopmund working for the lovely Cornerstone Guesthouse, she finally moved to the ‘Big City’ and joined the team at ATI in November 2013. Here Monica started out as a travel consultant and soon blossomed into her present management role. She is hugely organised, dedicated, and resilient, and we couldn’t do it without her! And did we mention that she is one of Frodo the cat’s favourite people?!

Monica says:

Are you loud, outgoing or shy? Definitely loud and outgoing.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mmmmmm I would go with Pasta then! Yummy.

What are your ‘must have’ travel items? Sunglasses, lip ice, and a good book.

What is your favorite Namibian destination and why? The Damaraland area – I grew up there so it is in my bones. Beautiful scenery & amazing wildlife including the desert elephants and lions.

What is your quote to live by? Thoughts become things.

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