Swakopmund is a fascinating and intriguing resort town, complete with German architecture, monuments, historic buildings, well-maintained gardens, palm tree lined avenues, coffee bars and great seafood restaurants. Temperatures rarely drop below 15C and rainfall is practically zero, however, the town is subjected to 9 months of morning fog each year. These damp and grey conditions often result in cool temperatures persisting for the whole day, but this mist band, stretching up to 30km inland, gives water and life to the desert plants & animals and sustains 80 types of lichen, as well as the unique Welwitschia plants. The many ingenious adaptations to water collection, like the Tok-Tokkie beetle which condenses vapour on its’ raised back, make for fascinating walks and drives in the ‘Moon Landscape’ or ‘Welwitschia Drive’, located close to the town. Please ask us for advice on restaurants, the more popular ones should be booked in advance and we are happy to do this for you.

There are many adventure activities on offer including sand-boarding (lie down or stand up), tandem sky-diving, fishing or quad biking which can be arranged prior to arrival. We can also recommend some excellent day trips including one which visits the marine sanctuary of Sandwich Harbour, a unique environment comprising towering dunes, a freshwater lagoon and the wild Atlantic Ocean. Alternatively, a half day catamaran cruise from Walvis Bay may offer the opportunity to see dolphins, fur seals and many species of marine birds, as well as enjoying some sparkling wine and local oysters on board. Other half day trips which are a lot of fun include the Living Desert tour which takes you into the dunes near to Swakopmund, in search of uniquely adapted creepy crawlies, kayaking with seals from Pelican Point in Walvis Bay, or a specialist birding trip in the area. Some activities can be booked at the last minute, but we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

There are also some very interesting attractions in the town itself that you may wish to visit. The Crystal Gallery has displays of Namibia’s mineral wealth, and an area where kids (or adults!) can collect a bag full of semi-precious stones. The National Marine Aquarium only displays indigenous Atlantic Ocean species and has a wide variety of fish, some sharks, rays and smaller inhabitants of the rich Benguela waters. The Snake Park houses a fascinating display of Namibian snake species as well as some confiscated exotics, and the Swakopmund Museum near to the main beach offers an interesting insight into the history of this town.

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