North Island

North Island is one of the forty inner granitic islands of the Seychelles that are often considered to be the most beautiful on Earth. North Island, and its close neighbour Silhouette Island, are both granitic islands but are thought to be considerably younger than Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Their syenite formation probably dates back to about 90 million years ago when Seychelles and India separated. North Island Lodge is a rare sanctuary for guests seeking a gorgeous, unspoiled tropical haven on a large and private island. With four white sandy beaches located at each end of the compass, North Island is able to offer a year-round tropical beach and island experience.

There are just eleven hand-crafted guest villas on the entire island, each constructed to combine to create a sensorial experience in surroundings of understated elegance. The Spa, perched high above the beach with stunning views of the ocean, specialises in personalised holistic treatments to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Activities include mountain biking, gym, guided walks, snorkelling, fishing, boating, sea kayaking, and scuba diving. Great care has been taken to rid the island of non-indigenous species and to return the environment to as natural state as possible, hence North Island is the perfect hideaway for guests wanting space to appreciate the simple, natural beauty of the Seychelles whilst reclining in luxurious and restful surroundings.