Chobe Bakwena

Bakwena, translated from Setswana, means people of the crocodile, this is one of the largest tribes in Botswana; naturally the owners of the Chobe Bakwena lodge are both Bakwena!

Owners Jenny and Adam Young have worked throughout Botswana, managing bush camps and lodges and running their own safari company. “Having spent so much our time working in luxury lodges, we wanted our guests to enjoy similar levels of comfort at a reasonable rate and more importantly be able to take comfort that in choosing Bakwena as their destination, they have also made the right choice for the environment.”

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They acquired their land in 2000 and since then have been growing otheir dream and planting the seeds of the indigenous riverine woodland that guests will find here today. What started out as a barren soccer pitch has become what you see today, a refuge for guests and any wildlife that chooses to share our sanctuary.

After travelling the world and living in Cape Town while building towards the goal of Bakwena Lodge, they have returned to their heartland bringing their two young sons back to their “real” home in Botswana.

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