Central Kafue

Found in the centre of western Zambia, Kafue National Park is the oldest and largest of Zambia’s national parks. It covers a massive 22,400 km2. First established as a National Park in the 1950’s by the legendary Norman Carr, Kafue is one of the largest national parks in the whole of Africa. Despite its size and prominent location only two hours drive from Livingstone, it remains little-known and largely unexplored with vast tracts of its virgin bush still untouched. Thanks to its size and variety of habitat types the Kafue holds a fantastic diversity of wildlife.

Largely unexplored with pockets of pristine bush, Kafue National Park is the wild heart of western Zambia. Kafue’s wide collection of natural habitats house an incredible diversity and density of big game and bird life, including endangered species like the African wild dog and wattled crane.

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