Vanasha Padayachee

Vanasha Padayachee

Assistant Manager/ Senior Consultant

Vanasha is our Assistant Office Manager as well as being one of our senior consultants. She has been an integral part of the ATI team since 2014. She started in our admin ‘dungeon’ before moving to the marketing department and then into consulting, from where she hasn’t looked back!

Vanasha was born in South Africa and grew up in New Zealand which meant that she has always loved travelling and experiencing many different places. After finishing school she studied at The International Travel and Tourism college and decided to travel back to her ‘motherland’ when she graduated.

This was when her pioneering spirit ‘discovered’ Namibia while visiting for a couple of weeks, and she fell in love with its beauty. This visit prompted her to settle in Namibia a few years later and the rest is history!

Vanasha says:

How did you get into tourism? Travel and tourism was offered as a subject at school and I fell in love with industry then.

Would you rather have skin that changes colour based on your emotions or tattoos that appear all over your body depicting what you did yesterday? Definitely not the second one, I don’t need to relive all of that, especially after a night out!

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? This is probably the hardest question I’ve ever been asked… It would be between chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, I’m obsessed with both.

If you had a warning label, what would it say? Attaches easily!

What is your ‘must have’ travel item? Hmm, does Tequila count?

What is your favourite Namibian destination and why? The whole country is amazing, each area has something special about it!

A quote to live by‎? I am who I am.

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