Christina Dohmen

Christina Dohmen

Senior Consultant

Christina joined the team in June 2023 making her the newest, yet oldest, member of the team. She used to work for ATI a modest 19 years ago before heading off to see the world!

After her first stint with ATI, Christina spent some years in South Africa where she worked for the German Embassy, and she stayed in the same job position after returning to Windhoek. After 10 years of a more serious work environment she decided to go into the life coaching industry where she spent another 2 years. During that time she learned a lot about herself, people, emotions, and overall life situations – which comes in handy being back in the tourism industry.

Christina says:

How did you get into tourism? I just always loved travelling and I do love people – so I put one and both together and the answer was Tourism! Also, after being away from the industry for such a long time, you appreciate it so much more and I did of course miss it.

What are your must have travel items? To be honest I don’t have any – it always depends on the destination.

What meal could you eat every day? Everything! But seriously – I am such a foody and I just love trying new things. I eat absolutely everything except for one thing – Papaya!

What is your favourite Namibian destination and why? Hard to really have a favorite with all this diversity and beauty Namibia has to offer, BUT if I had to chose it would be the north of the country. I love how green it is up there plus I do love water. Oh yes, and Swakopmund, I just love Swakop. If I don’t retire somewhere close to the Alps, Swakop would be my second choice.

What is your favourite book and or movie? I absolutely love anything suspense or thrillers! Favourite movie: Mr. Brooks
Favourite book: Die fuenfte Frau (Henning Mankell)

Can you tell us a favourite quote to live by? “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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