Skeleton Coast National Park

The ‘Skeleton Coast’ has a reputation for being remote, inhospitable and steeped in an eerie history. Many ships have run aground on this coast over time, and these ships ‘skeletons’ can still be seen lying forlorn and rusting along the beaches. Unfortunately the desolate nature of the coastline meant that any sailor lucky enough to survive the shipwreck had a very slim chance of survival once on land. The lack of food, water and shelter would have provided scant comfort for any budding Robinson Crusoe.

The relatively inaccessible Skeleton Coast National Park runs along the northern coastal area of Namibia, from Swakopmund all the way to the Angolan border. The southern section of the Park comprises the Tourist Recreation Area and stretches from Swakopmund to the Ugab River. This area is accessible to self-driving visitors, although a permit is required. North of the Recreation Area, a field of crescent shaped dunes stretches along the coast from Torra Bay to the Angolan border.

This northern and most remote section of the Park is only accessible by specialist fly-in safari operators. The whole Park area is a stunning reminder of the power of nature, and it is sobering to visit such a timeless wilderness.

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