Samora Cloete

Samora Cloete

Admin Assistant

Samora is our Wetu wizard, he ensures that all itineraries and road directions are top-notch, updating them when the roads authority randomly changes signage! Samora initially worked with us back in 2019, and we were very happy when we could welcome him back in 2022 after an enforced ‘Covid break’.

After completing his studies in tourism in 2020, he is currently busy with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. The Northwestern coastal area of Namibia is Samora’s favourite destination, he loves the blend of the ocean, desert (with its adapted wildlife), rivers, waterfalls, and especially the sunsets which he feels give a sense of melting into the environment.

Samora Says:

Are you loud, outgoing or shy? Shy.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say? Comes with jokes & sarcasm.

Would you rather take a trip to outer space or the bottom of the ocean? Bottom of the ocean, to discover wrecks from the 1800’s.

Why should people visit Namibia? Namibia is an all-year-round destination with landscapes which change every km, this makes it a unique travel destination.

What is your favorite Namibian destination and why? The Northwestern coastal side of Namibia is so far my favorite destination, it’s a blend of the ocean, the desert (with its adapted wildlife), rivers, waterfalls, sunsets & rises.