MK (Memory) Khodises

MK (Memory) Khodises

Tour Consultant

MK joined us in December 2023 as a Tour Consultant with almost ten years experience in the industry. MK traces the roots of her journey back to the idyllic days spent at her grandmother’s farm, where the lush garden teeming with monarch butterflies became her playground. These early encounters with nature instilled in her a deep appreciation for beauty and a curiosity to explore the world.

MK’s professional odyssey commenced at a lodge, where she embraced diverse roles that laid the foundation for the mosaic of skills that define her today. From navigating the frontlines of customer care to delving into the intricacies of procurement and database management, she wore multiple hats in pursuit of excellence.

However, it was during her tenure as a travel consultant that she uncovered her true calling. Crafting beautiful and meaningful trips became not just a job but a purpose. It’s the art of curating experiences that resonate with the hearts of our clients, leaving an indelible mark on their lives and creating memories that endure for generations.

As MK ascended the professional ladder, she discovered the profound joy of being the architect behind unforgettable adventures. For her, tourism goes beyond a career; it’s a privilege to be in the background of those beautiful memories. The satisfaction lies in carefully crafting experiences that transform into stories shared by families and friends for years to come.

In every role she’s embraced, MK brings with her the essence of her upbringing on the farm – a deep connection to nature, an appreciation for beauty, and a commitment to creating moments that transcend time. Today, she continues her journey, driven by the belief that travel is not just a destination but a transformative experience that enriches our lives.

MK says:

What are your ‘must have’ travel items? My phone, sunglasses, and a hat.

What meal could you eat every day? Biltong, I suffer from a strong biltong addiction!

How did you get into tourism? I was a sales rep at PC Centre and after selling my first Mac Book Pro I had to give Timo training on the Mac for an hour, and during our training he offered me a job as a reservations assistant! I have not looked back ever since.  

What is your favourite book and/or movie? My favourite book is Hustler’s bible by Gayton McKenzie.

What is your favourite Namibian destination and why? My favourite destination is the desert, the different shades of oranges mixed with the blue sky and a lone oryx walking on the horizon is a sight for sore eyes. I can go back to this sea of dunes a million times.

A quote to live by? This too shall pass, even if it passes like a kidney stone…