Memory Garises

Memory Garises

Tour Consultant

Memory joined our consulting team in 2022 and has been busy assisting Benson, Tammy, Vanasha & Monica whilst learning our systems and watching the busy season unfold! She’s enjoying helping with our meet & greets as she loves introducing our guests to Namibia, and she’s looking forward to taking on her own bookings. Before Covid Memory worked for many years at Wild Dog Safaris, one of Namibia’s original fantastic safari operators.

Memory was born and bred in Windhoek. She is an extrovert who enjoys socializing, and is a lover of nature (but not so much the creepy crawlies!) Memory prefers staying in accommodation over camping if she has the choice, and Namibia certainly offers plenty of amazing lodges.

What most don’t know about her is that she is an adrenaline junky – she has done the bungee jump in Victoria Falls and the skydiving in Swakopmund.

Memory says:

What are your ‘must have’ travel items? A snuggle buddy (Teddy!), a love novel always, and sunblock.

What meal could you eat everyday? I love traditional food (Tripe, ‘smileys’, trotters, and Mopane worms – they’re all better than KFC!), and Mapungu (home grown corn).

How did you get into tourism?  I love nature, the beautiful landscapes, and wildlife. This started off when I was younger and we would go the farm every December for the holidays (in the Damaraland area, Khorixas region). There are desert elephants in that area, they would often pass through where we lived and our elders would always tell us that they can smell the water and would know where we are if we made a noise! Our house was located up a hill but they would still walk up to the dam to drink, trash the garden, and make their way to our house. I was so amazed by these huge creatures which were as big as a house, bigger even, so yes, that’s what motivated me to get in to tourism, a curiosity of wanting to know the behaviour of these animals and all wildlife… P.S. I was always interested to know more about human and wildlife conflict. Being a consultant is leading me more in that direction, so one of these days I would probably want to venture even more towards this aspect, still within the industry I LOVE.

What is your favourite book and/or movie? I love animated movies, romance, and drama. 

What is your favourite Namibian destination and why? I don’t really have a favourite as the “Land of the Brave” is already a gem on its own. Every area has amazing people (both locals & tourists) so who needs a favourite?! I do however dream of the night sky views in Damaraland and Sossusvlei.

A quote to live by? Accept what you can’t change and change what you can by the grace of God. Live your Dream!! Make it happen.

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