The Kohler Family

The Kohler Family

Booking a vacation in Namibia or Botswana with a travel agency in Switzerland is very expensive. It makes an African holiday nearly unaffordable for people with an average income. For this reason we booked a bare flight to Windhoek and looked for a partner on the spot. ATI Holidays supplied us with a custom made program adapted to our wishes and needs. When we arrived in Windhoek we found a comprehensive and detailed itinerary which we could follow during our trip. Everything was prepared perfectly well, professionally und meticulously. The campgrounds and lodges provided by Sandra Mayer proved to be a good choice corresponding exactly with our requirements. We’d like to thank the staff and particularly Sandra for the excellent job and the flawless organisation of our trip. We’ll be back again and we will recommend ATI Holidays as a partner whenever we can



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Namibia has the second lowest population density on Earth and is the perfect destination to reconnect with Earth’s wild places.

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