George du Pré

George du Pré

We are now back at home having arrived without hitch at Heathrow a few minutes early at 0650 (local time – same as yours). Believe it or not, we were on the road from LHR to home within an hour of landing! A record!

We have had the most wonderful holiday: lots of wildlife, stunning scenery and a miscellany of birds (our particular interest) many of them entirely new to us. Perhaps a highlight, however, was getting so close to both a leopard and a cheetah at Okonjima.

All the arrangements went as smoothly as humanly possible and there were no hitches whatever. This covers the accommodation, activities and the car, which was just right. Quite how people manage to drive for hundreds of km on gravel roads in a normal saloon car defeats me, but they seem to manage it. I wouldn’t do it in my car. The navigation and directions were most clear and the clearly marked map was excellent.

All the above factors, which contributed to the success of the holiday were due in very large part to your diligence and efforts on our behalf, so we would like to offer you the biggest “thank you” possible for everything you have done for us. We were sorry we couldn’t do this face to face, but at least we had a brief telephone conversation towards the end.  Again, very many thanks for it all.

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