Erongo Mountains

The Erongo region encompasses the coastal town of Swakopmund as well as the beautiful Erongo Mountain range, Brandberg Mountain, and Spitzkoppe.

These stunning landscapes are a perfect place to enjoy the beginning or end of your Namibian safari, being within 3 hours drive of Windhoek. The granite Erongo mountains are home to a vast array of bird life, as well as plants, reptiles and mammals that are endemic or near endemic to Namibia. These include the rosy faced lovebird, the Damara rockrunner, the white-tailed shrike, the Ruppell’s parrot, Hartmann’s zebra and the Angolan dwarf python.

The mountains are a source of semi-precious gemstones such as aquamarine, topaz, and fluorite. There are several caves and rock painting sites in the area, thought to date back at least 2,700 years.

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