Wendy Kavara

Wendy Kavara

Trainee Consultant

Wendy first joined ATI in mid-2019 before leaving later that year to pursue a fantastic internship offer with Disney World USA. Unfortunately Covid interfered with those plans and Wendy spent quite a few months unable to work in the US before she was able to return to Namibia. We’re very excited to have her back on board in our Tour Consultant team!

Born and raised in Namibia, Wendy has always been intrigued by its form. How beautiful the scenery is when it changes whenever you go, in any direction. Every place has its own beauty and uniqueness; justifiably breathtaking.

Wendy indulges in fiction books, versatile movies, as well as series in her spare time. Even though she finds great pleasure with being on her own, whenever she can afford to she takes on adventures to see and experience first hand the outside world; in her home country and abroad. Wendy would go anywhere to enjoy sunsets on the beach, experience the outdoors, and create unforgettable memories whilst wallowing in foreign cuisine.

Wendy says:

What are your ‘must have’ travel items? Swimsuits, phone + power bank, lip gloss and an appetite.

What meal could you eat everyday? Sushi drenched in soy sauce, I looove me some soy sauce!

Can you tell us something that most people don’t know about you? I love God. And my family, and friends that have become family, are the most dear to me.

What is your favorite Namibian destination and why? Swakopmund. I am fascinated by the Atlantic Ocean even with the thalassophobia; the shore is calm, soothing and very aesthetically pleasing to watch.

A quote to live by? If it costs you your peace of mind, it’s too expensive. I most definitely cannot afford that.

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